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Bridal Style Feature: Colourful Accessories

For some brides-to-be, the prospect of wearing an all-white (or ivory) dress and accessories might seem too "bridal" for them or not reflect their vibrant personality. It's a bit of an unspoken "rule" that to complement a white/ivory wedding dress, your accessories also must be white, ivory, pearl, gold or silver. But when done correctly (and not in over-kill!) the addition of a pop of colour to your jewellery or shoes can add some individuality to your bridal attire and set your wedding style apart from the rest.

Here are some examples of how to rock a vibrant statement necklace with your wedding gown:
Colourful Wedding Necklaces

And for those brides who like the idea of a hint of colour, but are hesitant to wear something as bold as a statement necklace, you can feature a splice of colour in your earrings:
Colourful Bridal Earrings- Blue, Red, Emerald Wedding Earrings

Alternatively, you can keep all of your jewellery white/ivory, and add some colour to your hairstyle by wearing a headpiece or flowers with colours that tie in with your wedding theme.

Colour Hair Accessories for Brides
Below you will find a beautiful selection of colourful accessories from Perle Jewellery that you can use as an alternative to traditional white and ivory bridal accessories.

Mint & Rose Bridal Headband

Mint & Rose Bridal Headband - Wedding Tea party

Tangerine Beaded Headband
Tangerine Beaded Headband

Oblong Red Pendant Fashion Earrings
Oblong Red Pendant Earrings
Annabelle's Sister- Bridal Headpiece
Oblong Red Pendant Fashion Earrings

For Brides who choose to accessorise with colour, blue is often a popular choice as your accessories can help you check "something blue" off of your list!

Dark blue & aqua Crystal Formal Earrings
Aqua & Gold Headpiece with Feathers
Dramatic Antique Floral Earrings
Feather Flare Aqua Headpiece

Flower Power Fashion Ring - Aqua and Orange

Photoshoot Credits
Model: Alissa
Hair & Makeup styling by Katie Dawson from Perle Jewellery & Makeup
Photography also by Katie Dawson

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