Monday, 11 March 2013

What does "Natural Makeup" look like? PART 3: "Natural Lips"

In this blog post, I will be describing what my idea of "natural" looking lips are.
I often hear clients say "I don't ever wear lip colour on my lips" and they look a little bit freaked out at the thought of adding any kind of colour. The thing is, when you have a full face of makeup with beautifully defined eyes, by not putting any colour on the lips they can appear a bit flat and lifeless. I will write a separate blog post on the types of lip finishes, as there is a fair bit to cover and I don't want to overload you with info! So this is purely to offer some guidance when choosing colours to create natural looking lips.

My general rule when choosing natural looking lip colours for my clients is to find the most dominant  natural colour pigment that exists in their lips. Then I use a similar colour to fill in the lip area. That way, it still looks natural (because I'm not using a foreign colour) whilst giving them a healthy hit of colour and fullness.

One of the lip palettes I have in my makeup kit is a Natural Lip Colour Palette by Ben Nye. It features six tabs of creamy, long-wearing colours that can go on sheer, or be built up in layers for a stronger lipstick look.

Some of the shades above are quite strong in colour, so if you want to make them more natural looking, you could just apply a very sheer wash of colour, and then put some gloss on top. I'm not suggesting you all go out and buy this particular palette either- but use these colours as a guide when you go hunting for your next natural lipstick colour.

See how these celebrities wear natural lip colours to enhance their features:

Their makeup has been finished off by filling in their lips with either a coloured gloss, or by using a light coat of lipstick in a natural shade, followed by a light coating of clear gloss for a bit of shine.

One final Lip Tip:
When testing out lipstick colours in the shop, you don't want to try them on your lips because you never know how many people have done the same thing before you! Ewww....
Instead of using the back of your hand or wrist to check the colour, use the very tip/pad of one of your fingers. The colour of the skin at the end of your finger is closer to the colour of your natural lip, so by testing the colour there, you will get a more accurate view on how the colour might look on your lips.

This concludes my 3-part series on "What Natural Makeup Looks Like." If you missed the first one on natural faces or the second post on natural eye makeup, you can go straight to them by clicking on the links below:

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