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What does "Natural Makeup" look like? - PART 2: The Eyes

Eyes can say so much about a person, they really ARE the window to the soul!

I LOVE doing eye makeup. In my opinion, they are the best feature on the face.
As outlined in my PART 1 -NATURAL FACES blog post, the same colour principle applies here. I feel that the definition of "Natural Eye Makeup" is not just about the strength or way in which the makeup is applied, but also about the colours that are used in the application.
The palette below (Viseart Paris) is a complete, neutral Palette. It has highlight colours, midtone colours and darker contour colours, and they are all colours that could be found in  natural colour pigments of the face, depending on your complexion.

Viseart Palette 12 Paupières Eyeshadow Palette Neutral Basic: 01 - Matte

You will find some different variations of "natural eye makeup" outlined below, varying from very natural application to smokey full eyes.


Natural Eyes #1 - Bare Minimum

This look is designed to lengthen and define your lashes, without adding too much colour to the lids. It looks beautiful with some natural looking false lashes, and a creamy skin colour or taupe shadow on the lids. A light coating of mascara may be applied to the bottom lashes also, however there is no eyeliner applied to the top or bottom.

Natural Eyes #2 - A little bit of definition

This look has a slightly darker mid-tone eyeshadow added to the socket crease in the eyelid, and this helps to contour and define the eye. A dark brown/black pencil liner is applied to the top lash line only, and smudged in slightly to soften the look. By adding the liner on top, you will give the illusion of fuller, thicker lashes.

Natural Eyes #3 - Up A Notch

This style incorporates eyeliner on the outer corner of the bottom lash line, as well as on top. The top liner is quite strong and defined so that it  sculpts and frames the eye into an almond-shape. The eyeshadow on the lid may also be a darker mid-tone colour for additional drama. A fine white pencil may be used to rim the bottom water line in order to open up and whiten the eye.

Natural Eyes #4 - Sultry & Smokey

This eye makeup is quite dramatic and most suitable for evening occasions. It makes use of the deeper contour colours across the eye lid. A kohl pencil is used to frame the entire eye (top and bottom), and then some of the eyeshadow colour is swept along the bottom lash line to give a soft, smokey finish. Smokey eyes are typically not labelled "natural makeup", however if you stick to the brown tones (rather than charcoals and greys), the look will be less harsh, and by keeping the rest of the face natural (simple lips) the smokey eyes will add a bit of intrigue and drama. 

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Stay tuned for PART 3 - Natural Lips!

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