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55th Logie Awards- Frocks & Jewels 2013

I'll admit, I was pretty revved up and excited before the Red carpet parade for the 55th Logie awards. I couldn't wait to see the fabulous frocks and glamorous hair and makeup. But once it had started, I've got to say I was a little disappointed. It was apparent the celebs got the same memo about the trend colour for the night-- Black, black, and wait....more black!! Needless to say, I was pretty disillusioned by it. I know black is timeless, elegant and classy, but to me it appeared a very "safe" option on the night. I guess on the plus side, the stars who did choose to be brave and go bold really did stand out from the rest as a result.
Below you will find some of my more favoured frocks from the night, as well as my famous photo-shopped accessory suggestions. All the jewellery items featured in this post can be found at Perle's Online Boutique -

Enjoy friends!

Carrie Bickmore - The Project

I love this lady. She seems so down-to-earth, is not afraid to laugh at herself, and appears always effortlessly polished and well groomed. I loved that she chose to wear such a bold colour on the night. This watermelon-hued Steven Khalil gown did wonders for her, accentuating her gorgeous figure, with beautiful lace detail framing her back. She rocked it up a bit by adding a bold dark colour on her nails too which took the Barbie-Doll edge off of the look.

I loved her little clutch, but perhaps as her dress had such a warm hue to it, I might have suggested she chose gold accessories instead. Gold earrings with a punch of pink colour would have looked gorgeous.

Anna McGahan - House Husbands

This girl knows exactly what colour looks fabulous with her beautiful red hair. Anna looked amazing in this emerald green gown by Oglia-Loro. Very classy, very hollywood glamour. I love that she opted to wear a chunky gold statement necklace to offset this gown. It really suited her and added a regality to her look. 

I know everyone's not a fan of big necklaces, so see below for my alternative suggestion using big earrings instead of her gold necklace.

Brooke Satchwell - Packed to the Rafters

I really loved the delicate lacework on the bodice of this gown- another beauty created by Steven Khalil. It was perfectly nipped in at her waistline with a dainty gold metallic belt.

Brooke is beautifully toned so she can pull of such a bare neckline. However, you all should know by now that when there's an opportunity to wear a great piece of jewellery, I like to make the most of it! Brooke would have looked great in this black & gold necklace, adding an extra touch of classic Hollywood glamour.

Rebecca Gibney - Packed to the Rafters

Despite the fact that this gown was black, the sparkling fabric gave it pizzazz, and the cut was perfectly crafted for Rebecca's stunning figure.
Instead of going for plain silver earrings, I would have liked to see earrings with a black stone to add extra depth & definition, whilst framing her face. 

Sandra Sully- Channel 10 News

On TV, I could have sworn that Sandra Sully was another one who chose to play it safe in a black gown. But on closer inspection of the photos, I realised that it was in fact a deep emerald green colour. I really liked the cut of this dress, it was feminine and classy- I'm a little undecided about the silver brooch in the centre as I find it quite dominating. 

To help those of us who were confused about the colour, it would have been good to see Sandra wearing some emerald coloured earrings to pick up on the beautiful hue of her dress. 

Natalie Barr - Sunrise

There was no shortage of lacework on the red carpet this year, and this gown created by Paolo Sebastian was just as beautiful as the rest! I particularly liked the top half- However, I'm a bit "torn" about the leg slit - bad pun sorry... 

The silver sparkle in the lacework was stunning, but this outfit would have been even better if she had a little more "bling" on her ears to add sparkle in amongst her dark, simple hairstyle. Not too much, just some dainty teardrop studs would have looked fabulous, and a lovely crystal bracelet would have also worked a treat. 

On another note, I was really impressed by how the so-called "curvy" women of the silver screen confidently strutted their stuff on the red carpet in some beautiful figure hugging gowns. It's obvious that these women have embraced their gorgeous, feminine figures and really know how to make the most of what they've got. My favourites on the night were Samantha Armytage & Emily Symons.

Samantha Armytage - Weekend Sunrise 

Sam looked sassy and confident in this bright red, no-frills frock. The deep pewter belt and cuff added embellishment and gave this gown an edge. 

This gown was very plain on its own- Given that she wore pewter accessories around her wrist and waist, it would have been great to see her in some longer earrings in a similar tone to create a bit more interest.

Emily Symons - Home & Away

Emily sparkled the night away in this pale pink Steven Khalil gown. The shape perfectly complemented her hourglass frame, gathering beautifully around her waist, and the pale colour suited her blonde hair. 

Perhaps I'm just used to seeing Emily's alter-ego Marilyn on tv wearing chunky earrings, but I felt like she was a little underdone on the accessory front. I would have suggested some bigger earrings and a sparkling cuff bracelet to really finish off her red carpet look.

It's A TIE!!!

Samara Weaving - Home & Away

This gown was a real show-stopper on the night- Another amazing creation by Steven Khalil. With not an inch to move, this dress was obviously made to mimic every curve on Samara. The red lacework was exquisite, and I really loved how the bottom half of the gown fell elegantly to the ground.  

I know that the top part of this dress was pretty busy, and the reason why she chose not to wear any jewellery was probably so that it wouldn't compete with the detail on the gown. Whilst I appreciate that, I think that with the perfect earring, it could have stepped her look up another level. With these red earrings, she looks like a real Hollywood starlet beyond her years. 

Laura Dundovic - Former Miss Universe Australia

I loved the pattern, the colour, and the cut of this dress. Laura looked effortlessly stunning with her red lips, long tousled locks and complementing clutch. 

With her olive skin, I think a pair of long gold earrings would have really set her look off. The pattern on these earrings replicates the geometric pattern within the fabric, and would have been a perfect addition. 

Of course, there were plenty more gowns I could have commented on from the evening, but these ones were amongst my favourites. I hope you have enjoyed reading my review and viewing my accessory suggestions. Don't forget, if you ever want some accessory advice for your own upcoming event, I'd love to help you out with some suggestions!

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