Saturday, 27 April 2013

Miss M Photoshoot

Last weekend, I was asked to be the makeup and hair stylist for a photoshoot by the Coastlens Photography group in Adelaide. This was a great opportunity for me to study Marilyn's "look", master her makeup style, and get to know the many faces of Marilyn Monroe. I personally preferred Marilyn's more casual, carefree shots of her when she was younger. These images conveyed a real sense of youthful freedom and innocence, untainted by Hollywood stardom.

Her more classic, glamorous side that came out later on in her career was also beautiful, but there was no way she rolled out of bed looking like that. Her makeup routine was rigorous and very specific, with her own tricks used along the way to enhance her best features. Leaving behind her sweet, natural girlish look of years gone by, Marilyn transformed herself into one of the most well-known glamour icons of all time. Her famous makeup routine consisted of an array of makeup illusions- sneaky precise shadows were carefully drawn beneath her bottom lash line to create the illusion of lashes that were so long they cast their own shadow. Layer upon layer...upon layer....upon layer of red Besame lipstick was meticulously applied, followed by a dab of yellow concealer in the center of her bottom lips (so it would catch the lights and look extra glossy) with a generous lashing of gloss on top. And of course, we can't forget the addition of her famous beauty spot which mysteriously changed from side to side!

This is the image I used as a guide when I was recreating Marilyn's makeup look on my lovely models:

Here we have: MARILYN # 1

Next up we have: MARILYN # 2

Time for: MARILYN # 3

The following photos have been taken by talented individuals from the Coastlens Photography group.

Images below by Rob Jenkins

 Images below by Rhiannon Lee Photography

BELOW: Hayley taking a break from the Marilyn wig. 

Images below: Photos by Kareena

Images below: Robyn McGufficke Photography

Image below by: Alita Jade Photography

Images below by: Philippa Goodfellow

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  1. Loved working with you Katie. You did a fabulous job and made us all look great as photographers. Thanks for the hours of hard work you put in.

  2. wow i love the before and after shots!! I hadn't met the models before they had their makeovers and didn't realise you had created such a dramatic change! They all looked amazing, you did a really great job.


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