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Logies 2014 Fashion Spotlight

I was so excited to watch this year's Logie awards. I was super keen to see how the stars had scrubbed up and what were the dominating features of dresses. There were a lot of sheer fabrics mixed with heavy lace overlays, as well as plenty of soft wispy fabrics too. I had many favourites from the night, but there were a few unfortunate misses too. I was really hoping to see some more vibrant pops of colour- however, there were a few stunning gowns that grabbed my attention in amongst all of the black and white. The only other downside was that the lesser-known celebrities who were fabulously dressed seemed to get overlooked or missed on the red carpet.

Here are my TOP 10 favourites from the night:

1. Ella Scott Lynch 

Ella Scott lynch - Best Dressed Logies 2014
I love this girl! Not only is the dress amazing, but she also has the curves to rock it and beautiful red hair to match. She reminds me so much of sexy cartoon Jessica Rabbit, but a classier version! I love her hair and makeup too, and she's kept her accessories simple to complement (but not detract from) the main feature of the dress. She really hasn't put a foot wrong!

2. Melanie Vallejo 

Melanie Vallejo Logies 2014
I thought Miss Melanie was the most elegantly dressed of all the sheer lacy gowns.  The detail was heavily embellished, but on a nude fabric it was subtle and not overly contrasting. The lace was stunning without looking tacky or cheap, and it looked fabulous with her dark wavy bob, her burgundy lips & nails, and golden skin tones.  

3. Sandra Sully

Sandra Sully in White - Logies 2014
Sandra Sully wore this stunning Grecian inspired gown with such poise and elegance. The cut of this dress including the neckline and train perfectly accentuated her toned stature. I liked that she went for an up-style with her hair so that it didn't compete with the asymmetric neckline.

4. Anna Heinrich

Anna Heinrich Logies 2014 - white dress
Anna copped her fair share of bride-in-waiting comments on the night, but I think she looked stunning in this delicate white gown. I'm a sucker for a good train, and this one flowed so elegantly behind her. She completed the look with a tall, dark mancessory on her arm.  

5. Carrie Bickmore

Carrie Bickmore Logies 2014
Carrie looked really sweet in this princess-style gown. Not everyone would be able to pull this off, but Carrie wore it with such grace. It reminds me of something that Audrey Hepburn would have worn back in the day. The only thing I wasn't super keen on was the pockets in the skirt- to me it made it look too casual and would have been more elegant with a small clutch purse.

6. Demi Harman

Demi Harman Logies 2014
Demi was the epitome of Old Hollywood elegance.  Again, another stunning train which trailed behind a gorgeous lace beaded bodice. Her Hollywood inspired makeup & retro curled bob completed this vintage look. 

7. Natarsha Belling

Natarsha Belling Logies 2014
The thing I liked most about this dress was that it was simple and elegant, and it perfectly complemented Natarsha's svelte figure. Her accessories were kept basic, careful not to compete with the sparkle in the dress. A very classy, timeless gown that I personally would be more than happy to wear!

8. Laura Dundovic

Laura Dundovic Logies 2014
Laura took out my "Best pop of Colour" gown. Canary Yellow would not normally be a colour I would pick out for myself, but with Laura's complexion, hair colour, slim frame and red lippy, I think it looked fabulous on her. Not many people could pull this off, so I take my hat off to her! 

9. Livinia Nixon

Livinia Nixon Logies 2014
There was a lot of heavy lace work on the night, but this silver fern gown would have been one of my favourites out of all the lace gowns. I love the lace frame detail on the back, and the cascading silver train. She made the right choice to wear her hair up so that it allowed her to show off the gorgeous back detail.

10. Jessica Marais

Jessica Marais Logies 2014
Jessica Marais has the confidence and poise to pull off this slinky silver number. I really liked that this dress was a bit different to all the rest. I love the back detail on this dress, however my one criticism would be of the wrap around neck strap- from the front, it reminded me of the 90's choker trend (one I would rather forget). 

Teamed with a simple silver clutch and matte grey heels, Jess oozed style and with her hubby by her side, they got my vote for cutest couple on the night.

Over embellishment & ignoring the "less is more" rule, I couldn't help but wonder if these celebs had turned up to the wrong show - it looked as though some of them should have been performing on Dancing with the Stars or part of the Strictly Ballroom cast instead of attending a Logie Ceremony.
Worst dressed Logies 2014
From Left to Right - Angela Bishop, Madeline West, Tina Arena
Worst dressed logies
From Left to Right - Rebecca Judd, Rhonda Burchmore, Asher Keddie

What went wrong?

Angela Bishop - Too many sequins, too much cleavage and 80's power shoulder pads.

Madeline West - I love the colour on her, but there is just too much going on here. The heavy silver detail around the neck, the aqua belt, and the tendril fishtail skirt are all too much for this look.

Tina Arena- Poor Tina looked like her perm didn't turn out quite right. The hanging gold dress looked a bit frumpy to me, and her clumpy mascara made her look overdone and tired.

Rebecca Judd - Normally this Fashionista gets it right, but I found this dress confusing. Minus the belt and the strange block of lilac fabric around her hips, this gown could have worked.

Rhonda Burchmore - Oh deary me. Although this number somewhat suited her "over the top" personality, it made me want to look the other way. Again, too much going on- Makeup and hair was too heavy and plastic, and the dress was way over embellished. I think her fake tan was too much too given the fact that when she lifted her arms, you could see white armpits! Oooops!

Asher Keddie - It pains me that this beauty got it wrong this year! I always have such high hopes for Asher as she's such a natural beauty. But I have no idea what possessed her stylist to choose this bondage number. I really think this is going to be a dress that is looked back on in years to come for all  the wrong reasons.

This review is made up of my own opinions, which are of course subjective to my eyes & personal taste.

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