Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Backstage Pass: Jewellery Photoshoot

Backstage Pass- Behind the Scenes of a Perle Jewellery Photoshoot

Well, it's fair to say it's been a busy past couple of weeks! I was madly trying to finish stitching every tiny bead in place so that my new lace collection would be completed in time for the promotional photoshoot. Delayed postage with the dresses was a minor setback (thanks AUSPOST!) but it did work out to be a blessing in disguise. I had to reschedule the photoshoot,  and whilst it was disappointing and frustrating at the time, it actually turned out to be a really good thing because it meant I had an extra week up my sleeve to finalise the collection, props and get other details around in my head. 
On the day of the shoot, we were blessed with gorgeous weather, despite the grim forecast of rain and drizzle. My lovely model graciously put up a professional front as she braved the chilly breeze that blew around us, lapping up every warm ray of sunshine between shots that we could!
Take a look at an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of our fun photoshoot by clicking the play button below!

I created a soft, wavy upstyle first to showcase half of the hair accessories. Then I morphed it into a side swept pony with cascading curls, and finally finished off with a luscious curly downstyle. The makeup was elegant with touches of pink on the lips and cheeks, whilst I emphasised her gorgeous green eyes by using subtle taupe colours on her eyes and some lovely false lashes to add drama. Throughout the shoot, I added a pop of fuschia pink to her lips for a more playful, dramatic look.  

Backstage Hair and Makeup by Adelaide Makeup Artist, Katie Dawson -  Perle Jewellery & Makeup

gorgeous wedding hair style -  Perle Jewellery & Makeup

I wanted to showcase a range of different necklines so that my clients could get an idea of what accessories work best with strapless, one shoulder, sweetheart, and v-neck lines. 
stunning statement necklaces for brides -  Perle Jewellery & Makeup

Here are some of the gorgeous pieces that were modelled throughout the shoot, all lovingly handcrafted by me.

bridal lace headpieces created in Adelaide, by Katie Dawson -  Perle Jewellery & Makeup

That's a lot of makeup, hair products and jewellery right there! Yes, I have quite an extensive collection to play with!

Hair Products, Makeup Kit and Gorgeous Accessories - Perle Jewellery & Makeup

Sitting Pretty.....Miss A patiently waiting for final touches and hair accessories before we brave the temperature outside and start shooting.

Bridal Hair and Makeup by Adelaide Makeup Artist, Katie Dawson

Bridal Hair Accessories - Perle Jewellery & Makeup

This little set up was the backdrop for some photographs that I took for another Blog post I am currently writing. Stay tuned for snaps of this colour-filled style shoot!

Colourful paper lanterns and garden setting - Perle Jewellery & Makeup

Rustic Bridal Bouquet and Colourful China Teacups

I hope you enjoyed seeing behind-the-scenes of this fun photoshoot. I'm really looking forward to sharing the final images with you in coming blog posts, so stay tuned!!

P.S. At the end of the video, it reads that all accessories are available through Perle's Online Boutique. Correction: They WILL be available, but we are currently still uploading the stock- we hope to have all pieces up online for purchase within a week. Thanks for your patience!

Video Credits:

Filming & editing by Katie Dawson 

Hair, Makeup, Jewellery, Wardrobe, Styling & Photography
also by Katie Dawson.

© Perle Jewellery & Makeup 2013

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