Sunday, 18 March 2012

My Other Love - Jewellery Design

Busy at my "work station". Beats working in an office for me any day!

My Formal Necklace- Yr 12, 2004
So far, my other blogs seem to have focussed on my passion for makeup artistry, but today I want to share with you the other part to my business which is of equal passion and importance to me. 
I have been designing and creating jewellery for a long time now....  :)
It first started when I was in year 12 at highschool, and I wanted to create something unique to wear with my formal dress. It was important to me to have something special and unique, that no one else would be wearing, and on top of that, my dress was "orange" so not the easiest match for accessories at the time. 
What initially began because of my need for formal jewellery, soon turned into a fierce passion and obsession. I was attracted to the beads, all of the different colours, shapes and sizes, and how they could be put together to create something fabulous. But even more than that, it was a relaxing therapy for me. I really owe a lot to this passion of mine, as it saw me through the stresses of year 12 and beyond. I would often retreat to the backroom of my parent's house, where they had graciously allowed me to sprawl my entire bead collection out on a blanket on the floor. I would prop myself up against the couch and bead for hours, quite literally. My mind would wander off to other things- my assignments, my exams, my relationships with friends and family- but I was doing something positive so it was a good time for me to process things whilst creating at the same time. 

My journey as a jewellery designer has taken many roads to get to where I am now. I've worked with a variety of different mediums and techniques, from glass, gemstone and crystal beads, to creating  handmade epoxy resin pendants, and now onto diamonte-set evening jewellery. I've loved creating chunky, bold statement necklaces for fashion and everyday wear, but my direction in the past couple of years has changed slightly. Working in the bridal industry with my makeup art has made me realise how much I love the styling aspect of weddings and formal occasions. I like to think that I can look at an outfit, it's colour and shape, along with my client's own style & personality, and come up with a design that is just perfect for them. Nothing makes me happier than when a client comes to me with her dress (or a photo) and says, "Make me something gorgeous that you think will match this!" Not only do I feel extremely honoured that they would trust me with such a task, but I also get so excited because it gives me the chance to really flex my creative juices. 

I'm filled with humble pride and satisfaction when I get sent photos of clients wearing my jewellery, or when they send me a note to say how many compliments they had received about their accessories at an event. When you have your jewellery made by me, know that the following statement is true:

"Katie Dawson's jewellery designs are an absolute labour of love. Every piece is uniquely and lovingly handcrafted, NOT in a sweatshop, but in creative freedom. All pieces are equally as beautiful but have a unique style of their own."


The "essentials" in my workroom! :)

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  1. Katie, you and I seem to have a lot in common!
    I too am a jewellery designer/maker - I studied a jewellery design & manufacture degree (many) years ago.. and have migrated into makeup/hair since.
    It's not such an uncanny connection between the 2 areas of creativity!
    Love your work, looking forward to working WITH you this December.
    Warm regards,
    Gemma Vendetta


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